Monday, November 23, 2009

Mail Out: Keith Buchholz, Fluxkit, St. Louis, MO, USA

Edition of 50 now on its way to Keith.

Theme: Fluxkit is now on it's 5th issue and I am hoping for a few more pieces to finish it out. I'm planning on another 4 issues this year, and if your work hasn't shown up in one yet, it's coming.
Size/Format: If you're interested, send small objects / multiples / images in an edition of 50 - I'd really like to see a wide variety - maybe even sound or video work on cd .
Please insure that the work contains your name, signature or stamp so that we know who it's from, - It could be a fun project, and a way for us all to connect a little more.
Documentation: As your work is included, you get a full copy as well. A complete kit will be sent to everyone who contributes, along with a list of participating artists.
Archives: We have people who will archive the editions.... I had a great meeting this week with the curator at the Contemporary Museum in Chicago , they have put a copy of every issue in their permanent collection, and are continuing to archive as we publish new kits - also the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, Petersen Archive in Copenhagen, and 17 others worldwide !!! lets keep this going !!!!
Info: Keith Buchholz
Deadline to be received: December 31, 2009

c/o Fluxus/St. Louis
4615 Oregon Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63111

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