Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mail out: Areacreativa, ITALY

The call;

Project MAIL ART 2012-13
Free topic
Size 10 x 15 cm
Base and techiques free
Show and catalogue April 2013
Collaboration with artestudio Morandi
works will not be returned and will not be sold
Send to:
Areacreativa Assoziazione Culturale
Via Ivrea 42
10086 Rivarolo (TO)

A Book About Death, AUSTRALIA

The Website: ABAD Australia

A Book About Death Australia

Tweed River Art Gallery, Murwillumbah,
New South Wales, Australia
Opening: October 18, 2013 at 6pm
Exhibition finishes November 24, 2013

 Send your postcard as is or in an envelope to:
A Book About Death Australia
PO Box 5149
Murwillumbah South. N.S.W .2484

Mail Out: Card Board Mail Art Call Brazil

The Call:
The cardboard work is inside the envelope (no pic). .  a found Royalle tissue box

Cardboard Mail Art
International Mail art call
I urge all dreamers, utopians, provos, fluxus, cardboard pickers, noise provocateurs, housewives, artists, oiticicaorthodox, coyote tamers, art collectors, art residencies, hippies, nomads, displaced ones, flaneurs, and manolos to join the CARDBOARD MAIL ART CALL. The call consists of sending a piece of cardboard of any size to the address below. The cardboard must be picked from the street, and sent without interventions, must be sent as you found it; if necessary, cut to a size that fits in an envelope and sent to me. However, the envelope may have artistic interference and specifically the name, address and email of the sender. I count on the participation, selflessness, and sensitivity of you all.
~ Luiz Fernando Bueno
Deadline: March 29, 2013
So selection, no jury, no return.
There will be an exhibition somewhere in Brazil of both the cardboard and the envelopes.
The material will become part of the collection of the artist Luiz Fernando Bueno, or possibly of some institution interested in safeguarding it.
During the exhibition, photos will be posted on my blog
and, at the end of the event, I will communicate back with the participants.
Send to:
Cardboard Mail Art
Cel. Benedict Bueno #218
City Center – Nazare Paulista – SP – Brazil
CEP 12960-000

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mail Out: E, Guivry, FRANCE

Another of my collage envelopes

Mail Out: Guido Vermeulen, Brussels, BELGIUM

An envelope on its way to Guido.
He does such incredible envelopes I thought I paint one for him in return.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Mail Out: Adamandia Kapsalis, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Water Dwellers Call - A Fishy Requisite
Water Dwellers
If you would like to contribute to A Fishy Requisite: Send a postcard size drawing, painting, or collage etc. with any fish-y water living creatures depicted.

Send to :
Adamandia Kapsalis
5204 N Virginia Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-4015

Furrowed Brow
Please send photo/image of forehead wrinkled in thought, with text/caption expressing thought behind image(brow).
Postcard format.
Responses will be posted here on synaptic-patina.
Send to:
Adamandia Kapsalis/5204 N. Virginia Ave./Chicago IL 60625/USA

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mail Out: Edition Janus, Eberhard Janke, Berlin, GERMANY

Ray of Light

Edition Janus, Eberhard Janke, Schlos strasse 8, D-13507 Berlin, GERMANY.

Mail Out: Mayworks, 2013, Courtenay, BC, CANADA

Self Portrait
The call