Monday, June 28, 2010

Mail Out: MCALL and Da Silva

More mailings from studio J . . the hand drawn envelope theme continues for now

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mail Out: Jessie and Robert

The intrigue of the moment . . envelope drawings

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mail Out: Buzz, Steve and Stuart

A play of hat design drawings on the latest grouping of envelope mail outs.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mail Out: "E" – Ambassade d’Utopia, Guivry, FRANCE

The Call:
The Wise Monkeys
Theme: The emblem of the City of Chauny (Aisne - France) depicts The Wise Monkeys. The origin of the monkeys of Chauny is rather unclear. Some local historians thought that they represented the tumblers, jugglers and trainers of diverse animals which were established in the brotherhood to Chauny. Rabelais, who certainly saw the jugglers of Chauny, speaks about them in Gargantua.
This project is opened to all.
Technique: free. All techniques are accepted.
Size: 21 cm X 30 cm, bound support (able to be bound in a book).
You must represent your vision of the "monkeys of wisdom".
You can use the back of your work to write a biography or information concerning yourself.
Exhibition: An exhibition of the received works will take place in the cultural center of Chauny, the Forum, at the beginning of the year on 2011. The precise dates of exhibition will be posted on our blog. At the conclusion of the exhibition the works will be manually bound by "E" to create artists' books which will be given to schools and media libraries of the region. The works will also have a second life in an itinerant exhibition in 2011. The works will not be sent back to the artists and will remain the property of "E" for the other itinerant exhibitions …
Documentation: We will post the received works on our blog and provide information on the progress of the project. Http://
Deadline to be received: December 31, 2010

" E " – Ambassade d’Utopia
38 grande rue
02300 Guivry

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mail Out: Museum of Ornamental Post, Toronto, ON, CANADA

The Call:
Mail Art Recipe Call ...
The Museum of Ornamental Post East Gallery and Cafe is putting out the call for your recipes ... be they for pies, desserts, poetry, mail art or disaster ... or you can just send us your best food p0rn...

Exhibit to run from September 1st to October 1st
( with the possibility of a run at CAR in Rawdon Quebec )

The best recipes of the show will be assembled into a Mail Art cookbook for all participants.

Gallery opening / Wine and Spicy Chocolate Social will be Sunday September 13th at 15:00 in the East Gallery Cafe. (Sorry S, I know )

Admission is free (restricted to 18+) but contributions to the wine and chocolate stash are always welcome.

Send your entries to the Museum of Ornamental Post
457 Craven Road
Toronto, ON
M4L 2Z5

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mail Out: Heike Sackmann, Leutenbach, GERMANY

The Call:
More than 500 years ago Sebastian
Brant wrote the book „Ship of fools“

Today I would like to invite you to a
new “Ship of fools”.

Please send me an original piece of
Artwork to this address:

Heike Sackmann
Schwaikheimer Str. 9
71397 Leutenbach

Technique free!

Mail Out: Nataša Stanišić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Theme: What is a universal language for you? In which manner do you communicate your dreams, energy and wishes to other people? What is the easiest way of communication and what does communication mean for you?
Please send me your interpretation of this phenomenon and give your creative energy to all people who will see this exhibition.
Technique: free
Size/Media: Preferable the work will be handmade on paper, (max. 2 works, size: 10 x 15 cm/up to 21 x 29 cm
Snail mail only.
No jury, no return, no fee.
Exhibition: during August 2010 in CEH (Centro de Estudios Hispanicos), Sarajevo
Documentation: Artworks will be permanently displayed on my blog
Images of exhibition will also be e-mailed (include your e-mail address, name, surname, country, address and web site one exists).
Deadline to be received: July 31, 2010

Nataša Stanišić
Asima Ferhatovića 1
71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina