Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail Out: Lubomyr Tymkiv, Lviv, UKRAINE

Mail Out: Sean Owens, San Francisco, CA, USA

A package going out to one of my favourite actors Sean Owens

Mail Out: Miina Akkijyrkka, Helsinki, FINLAND

Saw a documentary on this artist Miina Akkijyrkka and just loved her work . . so I decided to do a random mailing . . .

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mail Out: Dame Edna & Michael Feinstein, NY, NY, USA

For Michael and the Dame while on Broadway in NYC . . .

Mail Out: Ginny Lloyd, Jupiter, FL, USA

Another in the random mailing group . . enjoy!

Mail Out: Raymond Furlotte, Montreal, Quebec

Mail Out: Kiss Jozsef, "FLYING", HUNGARY

The Call:
International Mail Art Call
Theme: The Local Authority of Nyíracsád, Dózsa György Cultural Centre and the Tourist Information Office are issuing a call to create Mail-Art (postal –art) works of arts, for an exhibition in Nyíracsád. The theme is "Flying".
Size: maximum: 40 cms by 30 cms
Technique: free
Number of works: maximum 2
Submissions must be free of any content that would disturb the feelings of any nation or feelings of ethnic minorities.
Exhibition: Artwork will be shown at the Mill Gallery in Nyíracsád starting April 24, 2010. We are planning to continue mail art calls every second year with different topics. We are also planning to open a Mail Art Gallery in Nyíracsád and exhibit the collection there.
No returns. Artwork will be archived by the Local Authority of Nyíracsád.
It would be advisable to start sending your “Mail Art” early so they don’t accumulate at the post office just before the deadline.
Coordinated by Dr Katona Gyula, Mayor and Kiss József, painter, organizer
Info: or
Deadline to be received: March 1, 2010.

Kiss József
Széchenyi Street 11
Hungary 4262

Friday, February 19, 2010

Mail Out: Jeff Ringer, St. Cloud, MN, USA

The Call:
Dancing Through Life
Theme: I operate a ballroom dance studio in St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA. This studio is in the center of the city which hosts art crawls four times a year. During the evening of the art crawls, I convert my studio into an art gallery. Nearly 300 people pass through my studio those evenings. About one hundred people come to my studio each month for dance lessons. I am sponsoring this mail art project for our next art crawl which will be on March 20, 2010. Please contribute to my mail art project on the theme "Dancing Through Life". The theme can be interpreted literally or figuratively.
Size/Media: free. Any mailed format is acceptable: envelope, post card, box, any size, any type, as long as it is mailed.
Exhibition: Mail art submissions will be on display for 6 weeks around March 20. All submitted work will be exhibited. Submissions may be exhibited at other dance studios in Minnesota or elsewhere. Select submissions may become permanent features of StudioJeff.
Documentation: will be mailed to all who submit.
No work will be returned.
All submissions will become property of StudioJeff.
Deadline to be received: March 6, 2010

Jeff Ringer
P. O. Box 1031
St. Cloud, MN 56302-1031

Mail Out: Pony Express, Modesto, CA, USA

The Call:
150th Anniversary of the Pony Express
Theme: Be part of the historic 150th anniversary celebrations by creating a piece of Pony Express mail art and sending it to the Modesto Art Museum for the international exhibition in April 2010. Creative variations on the theme of mail delivery by horse are encouraged.
Format/Media: Envelopes, post cards, and art stamps. We will display only the side of your mailing with postage and address. We will not open envelopes or packages. Mail art must be on the outside of the envelope or postcard.
Exhibition: Modesto, California in April 2010. Watch the museum's web site for details. Also, online exhibit on the museum Flickr site. Viewers and artists will be able to comment online about the art.
Documentation: online at museum web site
No returns. All mail art will become part of the museum's archive.
Note: Please include your mailing address on your entry for acknowledgment
Deadline to be received: March 5, 2010

Pony Express
Modesto Art Museum
404 Patrick Lane
Modesto, CA 95350

Mail Out: Psicotrex, Tarragona, SPAIN

The Call:
Theme: The Cultural Association and psychosocial research organization PSICOTREX is a non-profit that has among its objectives, the promotion of art as a way of integrating the different groups at risk of social exclusion. Our group is composed primarily of psychologists and multidisciplinary artists. This time we are looking to investigate the relationship between art and mental disorders. We believe that artistic creation is a very valuable tool to improve our quality of life, alternative communication systems and facilitate the balance of mind. That is why we as an association aim to investigate these matters and ask the cooperation of all those creators who feel identified with this proposal, as well as institutions, organizations and institutions working in this field, in order to achieve an artistic background and documentary that it can work and provide a basis for future research.
TECHNIQUE: Free - collage, Photo, painting, object…
SIZE: without limits.
EXHIBITION: Entries submitted will be part of the exhibition to be held in May 2010 at the Hotel de Entidades de Tarragona.
DOCUMENTATION: The ARTWORKS will be published. Information for all participants will be given.
The call is organized by Psicotrex.
- This is a not competitive call, there is no jury and no previous selection.
- There will be no refund of the submitted works. They will remain in the archives of PSICOTREX AEIDP.
- The works are not subject to commercial transactions, but can be reproduced FOR informative purposes and used in research works. Participation in this call implies full acceptance of these rules.
Deadline to be received: February 28, 2010

César Reglero
Aptdo. de Correos 861
43080 - Tarragona

Mail Out: Stefano Sini Fossiant, Sinnai, ITALY

The Call:
MAIL Art in THE World "2010"
Global mail art call. Free theme but no offensive artwork please.
Size: 13x18 cm. max. postcard
Exhibition: The artwork will be inserted on my blog:
Documentation: to all participants.
Please include your address and email.
Deadline to be received: March 30, 2010

Stefano Sini Fossiànt
via del Lentischio, 50
09048 Sinnai (CA)

Mail Out: Monica Vallejo, Tucuman, ARGENTINA

Theme: The symbol of the fish has been tied to a series of old Lunar deities, astrology, Christianity, the basis of some Pythagorean geometry and many other relationships to humans.
Technique: Free, but art work must be 2-dimensional.
Size: 11 X 11 CM
On the back of each work, please include brief data of the author: name, title, mailing dress and email since that is the means the documentation will be sent.
Works will also be posted on a blog.
The received artworks will be made into a book that will be contained in a CD case. (if it is necessary, several books will be created).
Deadline to be received: February 28, 2010

25 DE MAYO 569 9° A.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mail Out: Elizabeth Dismorr, Berks, UK

For her call; PHOBIAS

Mail Out: Maurizio Follin, Venice, ITALY

For the Call:
No Commercial Potential
Theme: The production of an art that fits exclusively one’s own creative needs without stooping to compromises to make it into consumer goods.
Format: free
Technique free: 2 & 3 d, music, video, performance, poetry and small stories(on digital support)
no return, no fee, no selection, no jury
(No pornography please)
Please include name, surname, country, address + e-mail address (for notification of final documentation) and web site if one exists.
All works must be send by post with postage stamps.
Documentation: pdf catalog by Claudio Romeo and online catalogue on the website:
Galleria Terre Rare - Bologna
Garage N.3 Gallery - Venezia Mestre
Spazio espositivo "Barrique" - Scriò di Dolegna del Collio GO