Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mail Out: Portrait Call, Yaroslavl, RUSSIA

self-portrait (four perfs)
Theme: Celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Yaroslavl Art Museum, please send a postcard with your self portrait to the museum.
Size/media: free, but postcard only... no envelope.
Technique: free (a drawing, a photo, a collage, etc.)
Cards should be sent using postage stamps.
No jury, no returns.
Exhibition: The self-portrait mailart received by the Yaroslavl Art Museum during 2009, will be exhibited in a show.
Deadline to be received: December 31, 2009

The Yaroslavl Art Museum
The Volga Embankment, 23

Mail Out: keyla Holmquist, Maracay, Venezuela

Archivio De Arte Correo

Keyla Holmquist
apartado postal 326
Maracay 2101
estado Aragua

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mail Out: S. Ibrahim, MALAYSIA

Mail Out: Peter Kupas, Pecs, HUNGARY

Mail Out: Eliso Ignacio Silva, Caracas, VENEZUELA

For the Self Portrait Call

Size: Small format postcard (10 x 15 cms)
Technique: free
No returns
Documentation: to all participants as well as online at
Deadline to be received: February 28, 2010

Eliso Ignacio Silva
Apartado 67011
Caracas 1061

Mail Out; Claudio Grandinetti, TAROT, Cosenza, ITALY

theme TAROTS

free size
qualsiasi dimensione

no return
le opere ricevute non saranno restituite

no fee, no jury
nessuna selezione ne giuria

exhibition, in Italy, doc. on line
mostra, in Italy, doc. on line

no deadline
nessuna scadenza

all works must be sent by post with postage stamps
tutti i lavori devono essere spediti per posta con francobollo postale

send to:
spedisci a:

Archivio Internazionale Mail Art
By Claudio Grandinetti
Via Popilia Palazzo Manna 1
87100 Cosenza

Mail Out: Serendipity, Redondo Beach, CA, USA

The July issue of The Postal Press will be about personal transitions and 'starting over'. It seems to me that many people are in the process of reinventing themselves, their careers, and their relationships right now and I'm looking for mail art that illustrates that journey. Consider imagery like stairs, doors/portals, windows -- or dusk (the transition between day and night), a horizon (the visual line between water and sky, or land and sky) -- or ghosts (entities caught between life and death. Think outside the box. Please submit mail art of any shape, size and medium to:

Seren -- Transitions Art Call
PO Box 3246
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

All art will be documented on my blog: and some of it will be included in issues of The Postal Press (specifically the next issue, which has a projected print date of July 23, 2009).

There is no final due date.

Mail Out: Roland Halbritter, Nuedlingen, GERMANY

Mail Out: Claudia Ligorria, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA

Mail Out: Steven Renauld, Chicoutimi, Quebec, CANADA

Mail Out: Anna Callegari, Molinella, ITALY

Mail Out: "Peace" Roma, ITALY

Mail Out: College Cesar Franck, Amiens, FRANCE

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mail Out: Anna Maria Matone, San Remo, ITALY

Mail Out: Arthole, BOOG, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

The Call:
c/o Boog, PO Box 1313, Lawrence, KS 66044 USA

@RtH*Le is a Sporadic Correspondance Assembling Magazine.

To participate in @RtH*Le, send 5 to 20 copies of your 2-dimensional
(more or less) graphic work, 5½" x
8½" (A5) in size, to the address above. The size of your @RtH*Le will
depend on the number of works
you send, based on an arcane formula known only to the publisher. Please
allow 2 cm/¾" on short side. 2-
sided is good.

Each copy of @RtH*Le will be unique and will include mail art news and
information, artistamps, original
works from other artists around the world, personal correspondance
(usually), and whatever else the
publisher feels like including.

For more information, contact Boog at the address above or by e-mail at

Please let me know if you have any questions-- I look forward to your