Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mama Mail Out: Mapping Correspondence, NYC

2 entries for the Mapping Correspondence show in New York's Center For Book Arts.

Mapping Correspondence: Mail Art in the 21st Century
April 11, 2008 - June 28, 2008

Organized by Champe Smith, Independent Curator and Artist

This exhibition invited artists, who in turn invited additional participants, to submit work via the postal service, creating a network of communication that reflects the complex and varied meaning of the book, mapping, and social networking in the 21st century. Mail art is a democratic genre outside of the traditional system of art consumption through commercial galleries. In addition to the contemporary work, the exhibition will feature an historical timeline, as well as work by some of most influential artists and collaboratives of the movement, including Ray Johnson, Buster Cleveland, Dick Higgins, and vintage Anna Banana, on loan from Robert Warner, Scott McCarney, Barbara Moore, Gordon Simpson, Marilyn Rosenberg, Franklin Furnace Archive, and the Davi Det Hompson Archive at VCU. Many thanks to those lenders, the participating artists, and for the assistance of Ken Chu.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mama Mail Out: David Earle, Guelph, ON, CANADA

A few surprises . . on the way to dancer David Earle . . the portrait call is open to an array of artists . . .Performance and dance has always been an interesting medium in how the art surrounds in the moment. I'm having fun sending requests out to random artists and seeing what response it gathers.

Mama Mail Out: Stickerdude, Brookyn, NY, USA

Mama Mail Out: "Wine" , Castelnau-Montratier, FRANCE