Friday, May 23, 2008

Mama Mail Out: Greig Gasper, Honolulu, HAWAII

Mama Mail Out: J. Blair, Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Mama Mail Out: Jose Manuel Figueiredo, Sintra, PORTUGAL

Mama Mail Out: Emily Townsend, Hightstown, NJ, USA

Mama Mail Out: Ross Priddle, Calgary, AB, CANADA

Mama Mail Out: Clemente Padin, Montevideo, URUGUAY

Mama Mail Out: Dawn Redwood, London, ENGLAND

Mama Mail Out: Gerard Vermeulen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


This year 21 September Richard Long will be a professional artist for forty years.
On 21 September 1968 he had his very first exhibition at Konrad Fischer in Düsseldorf, Germany.
To celebrate this historical day I would like to present Richard Long a book as done with his 60th birthday in 2005.
The book will be a 'handbook': a book full of hands, congretulating the artist.
You can send in a sheet of A4 paper (h 21 cm x w 29,7 cm) with your hand(s) on it.
You can colour it, make a collage of it, make a writing in the shape of your hand, everything is possible, but it has to be flat so the page can fit in the book.
On the left you need to have a side-line of 2 cm (see example).
Please write the title of the handwork, your name and hometown on the back of your contribution.
All hands will be published end of September in 'The Richard Long Newsletter'.
You can send in 'your hand(s)' until 31 May.
Please send in your contribution to:
Gerard Vermeulen,
Wolfskuilseweg 32,
6542 JK Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Good luck and much pleasure making your contribution to the handbook.

Mama Mail Out: Fabrice Fosse, Ste. Gertrude, FRANCE

One for your portrait call . . .

Mama Mail Out: Martyn Brown, Oxfordhire, UK


I am curating an exhibition of Mail Art for the Art in Woodstock festival taking place in October 2008. This is an invitation to you to send a mail art postcard to me on the theme 'Woodstocks around the world'.
Any style of material is fine - but please use postcard size.
All works received are being published on the www on
Please send this invitation to anyone else who might be interested.
The postcards will be exhibited in The Oxfordshire Museum, Woodstock; and they will be held in the museum collection for future exhibitions.
My address
Martyn Brown
c/o The Oxfordshire Museum
Park Street
OX20 1JA