Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moil Out: Tableware, FRANCE

“ Dîner à la c'art #2 - Table w'art ” ( Tableware )
Open call for a project about the food on postcard.

Artist M. will feature a new exhibition about the food in the restaurant of the jailhouse of Rouen, France.

Theme: Describe artistically your own and unique vision of the food and his effects on the health ( good or bad ).

Examples : Fast food, French cooking, canteen, collective catering, tinned foods, grub, anorexic, binge eating syndrome, obesity, vegetarian, vegan, cannibalism, candy, starvation, vitamin (rich or low)…

Size: Postcard Size ( 4 x 6 inch) only.

Medium: Open Techniques (painting, drawing, photography, collage...) Only original works will be accepted. No e-mail-contributions, and no black & white photocopies.

No fees. No jury. No return.

All artworks will be accepted and will be displayed on June 2015 as well as permanently archived by M. for further exhibition for other food events in the future. All Artworks will be permanently displayed on facebook page of “ M. artiste visuel ”.

Contact :

Deadline is set on mai 31, 2015

Send to:
“ Dîner à la c’art ”
260, rue de la voûte
76650 Petit-Couronne

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