Monday, April 11, 2011


On the basis of this mail-art project lies the story of Sviyazhsk island-city which is situated in the picturesque mouth of the river Sviyaga on the high hill not far from Kazan, capital of Tatarstan. Not big territory of the island changed for ages the events connected with important moments of Russian history. Sviyazhsk was pagan, orthodox, revolutionary, GULAG. Every period left its marks on the island. Today’s renascence of the city-island is a mark of penitence, respect of contemporaries to own culture no matter how it was. Sviyazhsk of today we can call the place of pray (here goes active reconstruction of old churches and monasteries), the place of art (it is a favorite place of rest and work of painters), the place of songs (in May 2011 the first festival of chamber chorus will pass here), the place of tourism (all conditions for comfort visit of the island for tourists from the whole world are made).
Format: no limits.
Media: free.
Documentation to every participant.
Exhibitions: June 2011 (first stage) and June 2012 (second stage), Exhibition Hall, Kazan.
Curators of the project: Valery Shimanovsky and Irina Mitryushkina.
Deadlines to be received:
1st stage: May 31, 2011.
2nd stage: May 31, 2012.

Valery Shimanovsky
P.O. Box 804
423578 Russia

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