Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mail Out: Keira Pannell, Montreal, PQ, CANADA

This is (mail) Art
 Display, document or interpret your language and culture, and mail in your contribution to *This Is (mail) art*. Celebrate your community, neighbourhood, city or country through the medium of mail art. Where is the boundary between culture and language? Is it possible for one to exist without the other, or are they inexorably intertwined?
Technique/Media: free
Size: maximum 20 cm x 20 cm.
No jury, no returns.
Please provide your full name, address and email.
This project is a joint effort between  
and Culture and Language Connections (CLC)
Exhibition:  the show will be held in Montreal in May of 2011. All submissions will be exhibited excluding offensive, racist, discriminatory or hateful images.
Documentation: All work will be documented online at
Deadline to be received: April 15, 2011 .

This is (mail) Art
Attn: Kiera Pannell
PO Box 42085
3861 St Laurent
Montreal, QC
H2W 1A0  Canada

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