Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mail Out: Sheep, Jobourg, FRANCE

The Call:

Jobourg is well known for their sheep, especially for its famous « Sheep fair ». The Jobourg library suggest you to take part in our project of mail art. And, its about sheep, obviously.
The technique and the size are free. You sheep made with paper, material, wood or anything else has only to be stamped and posted to this adress before 1st april 2011.

Médiathèque de Jobourg
Le bourg
50440 JOBOURG (France)

Dont forget to write your adress !

Works will be showed on this website : at “médiathèque”. They can also be seen during an exhibition in the Jobourg library from 8 th april until 30th may. On top of that, these works will be showed at the “sheep fair” on th august 2011.
Works will not be returned to their designers, but a catalogue will be sent to each person who has taken part in this project.

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