Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mail Out: PEACE, Roma, ITALY

The Call:
Theme: We like to quote one of the pioneer mail artists Robert Rehfeldt: "Your idea helps my idea, our ideas help the ideas of others", because we think that both cooperation and dialogue can generate something new and beautiful.
Open to all.
Size: This mail art project invites you to find alternative ways to use a postcard. Please send a rectangular card of 10x15 cm on the longest side.
Media: The Mail Art postcard must be created with one or more photographs in any way that you like.
On the back please write a short text: a thought, a message, a poem...
The postcard must have a signature, and if possible also your name, so that we can create a list of the participating artists.
The postcard must also contain the written date. Choice of subject is free.
There will be no selection procedure. Participation is free, but the artist takes the responsibility that the Mail Art postcard will be correctly sent through the postal service of his/her own country.
It is possible to send more than one Mail Art postcard or to create a series reassembled from a single work. Please inform us if you intend to do so!
Documentation: All works will be published on the website
Exhibition: The final show of all the received postcards will be organized in an exhibition space.
Deadline to be received: May 25, 2010

Officina delle Immagini
Casella Postale 6133
00195 Roma

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