Friday, February 19, 2010

Mail Out: Psicotrex, Tarragona, SPAIN

The Call:
Theme: The Cultural Association and psychosocial research organization PSICOTREX is a non-profit that has among its objectives, the promotion of art as a way of integrating the different groups at risk of social exclusion. Our group is composed primarily of psychologists and multidisciplinary artists. This time we are looking to investigate the relationship between art and mental disorders. We believe that artistic creation is a very valuable tool to improve our quality of life, alternative communication systems and facilitate the balance of mind. That is why we as an association aim to investigate these matters and ask the cooperation of all those creators who feel identified with this proposal, as well as institutions, organizations and institutions working in this field, in order to achieve an artistic background and documentary that it can work and provide a basis for future research.
TECHNIQUE: Free - collage, Photo, painting, object…
SIZE: without limits.
EXHIBITION: Entries submitted will be part of the exhibition to be held in May 2010 at the Hotel de Entidades de Tarragona.
DOCUMENTATION: The ARTWORKS will be published. Information for all participants will be given.
The call is organized by Psicotrex.
- This is a not competitive call, there is no jury and no previous selection.
- There will be no refund of the submitted works. They will remain in the archives of PSICOTREX AEIDP.
- The works are not subject to commercial transactions, but can be reproduced FOR informative purposes and used in research works. Participation in this call implies full acceptance of these rules.
Deadline to be received: February 28, 2010

César Reglero
Aptdo. de Correos 861
43080 - Tarragona

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