Monday, June 1, 2009

Mail Out: Arthole, BOOG, Lawrence, Kansas, USA

The Call:
c/o Boog, PO Box 1313, Lawrence, KS 66044 USA

@RtH*Le is a Sporadic Correspondance Assembling Magazine.

To participate in @RtH*Le, send 5 to 20 copies of your 2-dimensional
(more or less) graphic work, 5½" x
8½" (A5) in size, to the address above. The size of your @RtH*Le will
depend on the number of works
you send, based on an arcane formula known only to the publisher. Please
allow 2 cm/¾" on short side. 2-
sided is good.

Each copy of @RtH*Le will be unique and will include mail art news and
information, artistamps, original
works from other artists around the world, personal correspondance
(usually), and whatever else the
publisher feels like including.

For more information, contact Boog at the address above or by e-mail at

Please let me know if you have any questions-- I look forward to your



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