Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mail Out: Tatyana Makarova, Yaroslavl, RUSSIA

the Call:
Theme: "Yaroslavl is a glorious city! You won't leave it without a pity!"... No visitor leaves the city behind without a feeling of sadness and longing to return. Yaroslavl is the most beautiful city of the Volga region of Russia. Its unique image has been preserved since ancient times. Amazing architectural masterpieces make Yaroslavl a real Russian treasure and turn the city into a living history. This mail art project is coordinated by professional artist Tatyana Makarova and is devoted to the millennium of history that the people of Yaroslavl will celebrate in 2010.
Size: Maximum A4 (post cards, envelopes, etc.).
Technique/media: No restrictions. But all works must be sent by post with postage stamps.
No fees, no jury, no returns.
Exhibition: Modern Art Center (ARS-Forum), Yaroslavl. Autumn 2010.
Curator of the show is Ekaterina Zmejeva, Yaroslavl. Consultant of the project is Ivan Zemtsov, Yoshkar-Ola.
Documentation: Every participant will receive printed documentation (info, photos, etc.) during 2011.
Deadline to be received: January 25, 2010

Tatyana Makarova
P.O. Box 30
Central Post Office
150000 Russia

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