Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mail Out: Merzwalk, Chicago, IL, USA

Theme: Walk outside, completely around the place you live. The path you follow can be any shape or size. You may walk counterclockwise or clockwise, fast or slow, alone or within a group, or holding the hand of someone you love. You can do it during the night or day, barefoot or shod. But you must go out and come back in through the same door (or window, if that's your pleasure). During your walk, be mindful of the ground under your feet, watch the sidewalk, pay attention to the street, be conscious of the dirt and the pavement. Also, during your walk, pick up a piece of litter* or trash, preferably made from paper or any other flat material that can fit into an envelope. Note: "Litter is a waste type consisting of any tangible personal property which has been unlawfully scattered and or abandoned in a public place (usually outdoors)." Wikipedia
Use the found item in a work of art. Or designate the item as ready-made. In either case, put your art in an envelope, or, if you'd like, affix it to a postcard. Alternatively: describe your merzwalk using words or pictures. After it has dried, send it to Merzwalk08.
Only three submissions to Merzwalk08 per artist. But you may make as many merzwalks for yourself as you want and do it as frequently as you like.
Documentation will include a catalogue that will be sent to all Merzwalk08 participants.
There will be a show in January 2009.
Deadline to be received: January 3, 2009

1620 North Richmond Street
Chicago, IL 60647

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